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Double-sided, durable aluminum

Hydrant-shaped Pup'pendants for pups, peopleand maybe even kitties!

These tags are made of aluminum, so In addition to being a super cool pet pendant (aka Pet ID Tag), this hydrant can be also be used as a decorative zipper pull for your handbag, back-back or jacket, and can be personalized on both sides!  Most folks like to have their pet's name on one side and their phone number on the other, but we will be happy to personalize your tag with any text you like, so long as it doesn't include anything that might be offensive to other humans.

We've only done this shape with the fire hydrant image, but if you'd like a different background, just let us know what you'd like and we'll create something new, just for you!

Material: Aluminum

Small: 1" wide x .96" tall

Large: 1:2" wide x 1.24" tall

Personalized on both sides!