Gingerbread Bone Pet Pendant

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So cute!

This pet pendant (aka Pet ID tag) is a must have for the holidays!

Help keep your pet safe, and (heaven forbid) in the event that you get separated (especially during holiday travel) ensure that they can be returned to you quickly without the "finder" having to take the time to find a veterinarian to scan for a chip, post signs, etc to try to get them back to you!

Personalized with your dog's name and your phone number (and/or an alternate number) this tag could spare you a whole lot of stress, heartache and worry!    Made of double-sided aluminum, these pet pendants are super durable in addition to being both functional and oh-so adorable.

Plus, even without the added benefit of being ID for your pet, it is the most adorable pendant s/he could wear for the holidays!



This design can be resized to be anywhere between 2" - 3" in diameter.  Depending on the size and amount of text you'd like to add, it is suitable for either a left-chest design, center chest design, or cap design.  It is probably a bit too small to be used for a jacket back design.  And, don't worry -- we'll choose the appropriate design size for your garment, placement and text!

To choose this design, just choose your thread colors, then click on the shopping cart at the top of this page to add it to your shopping cart.  Then, you can either use the navigator at left or the links at right to choose a garment or accessory on which you'd like us to embroider this design.

This excellent design was digitized by the Embird Digitizing Team in the Slovak Republic, European Community.