Native Pride 1

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Yes, we know, this one has NOTHING to do with dogs. cats or other non-humans!

We designed this patch at the request of a friend of a friend...this person was going to be participating in ceremony out on "the Rez" and was seeking a patch to wear year-round to openly display his pride in his people.  He searched high and low, but couldn't find anything that didn't have a "biker-theme", so he contacted our friend and opened the conversation with the words "Eh -- I hear ya have a friend that is a patch-maker...."

Please keep in mind, we at Pup'parel have nothing against bikers -- in fact, some of the best folks we've ever known are bikers!  Still, the whole skulls and blood thing just isn't really our personal pup'style (and apparently not that of our friend's friend) so we created this elegant patch to fit the need! 

It is truly elegant and very tactile -- you almost have to touch it to completely appreciate it. The background fabric is a rich buckskin colored suede, the feather "floof" is done in wool to give it that "floofy" look.  The body of the feather is done in different thread finishes (different degrees of shine, and some matte finish) to add realism.  We've chosen red and yellow beads for this sample, as those are 2 of the sacred colors of the Lakota people, but will be happy to change the colors of the beads for a small additional fee if you so desire.  This patch is slightly over 4" wide x 3" tall.

Quantity discounts are available for bulk purchases -- please contact us for details.