Service Dog - Stay Back

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It GLOWS in the dark!

Yessiree!  It's another special request, fulfilled!

Not only is this patch direct and easy to read in daylight, incandescent or fluorscent light, but it glows in the dark too!

This patch is currently available only as shown, 3.5" round, on a black background with white/glow text and a red stop sign (that doesn't glow) -- but if you'd like it on different colors or a different size, of course we can make it whatever way you want it!  By the way, all of the glow in the dark threads glow green, regardless of their color in daylight/incandescent/fluorescent light.  Also, just as a caution, the lavender glow in the dark thread doesn't look good against a black background... the color combination makes it look rather dingy-lavender-gray -- so if you really want it, we'll make it that way for you, but please be prepared for a sort of dingy outcome.