OTSD Invasion Bandana

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Strut your OTSD Invasion stuff!

This great bandana completes your OTSD outfit, by making you and your dog a matched pair, and shows everyone what a great team you are!

The 3.75" OTSD Invasion image is printed on 100% polyester, so it is stain resistant, super washable and even bleach tolerant.  (Don't go too heavy on the chlorine bleach, or the fabric may yellow.)   The imageis actually gassed into the fabric, so you can't feel it, and it will NEVER crack or peel!  It is a full 22" bandana, so when folded diagonally, is 31.5" from point to point -- large enough to be tied around the neck of most giant breeds.

As an added bonus, 50% of your purchase price goes back to the OTSD group -- to help cover the expense of thier 1st annual "invasion".