Glow-in-the-Dark Service Dog Patch

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Pastel Colors GLOW in the Dark!

This thread in this patch glows in the dark after being exposed to light -- the more light it is exposed to, the longer it glows! 

While at one time, the Glow-in-the-Dark thread was only available in white with a green glow, we are pleased to be able to offer glow thread in a variety of pastel colors that glow green in the dark.   How fun is that???

This very straight forward "Service Dog" patch is 2" tall by  6" wide.  For now, we're not offering it in a smaller size, but if you'd like us to make it smaller, please contact us -- we'll be happy to accommodate you!  All of the pastel colors look GREAT against the black background, with the exception of Lavender, which looks pretty grayish against the black, so we're offering this patch with an optional purple background at no additional charge, because the lavender glow thread looks awesome on purple!

We realize that while simple, this patch is a bit more expensive than similar patches made with regular thread.  This is because glow-in-the-dark thread costs about 10x as much as regular embroidery thread due to its luminescent nature. 

This patch is also very suitable to be transformed into a banner badge.  If you'd like us to do that, the tabs will add approximately 2.75 inches to the overall length.  You can then use your own hook and loop tape to attach the badge to your dog's harness.  The d-rings that we normally use are gold-tone in color, so if you'd prefer silver-tone, just let us know in "comments".  Also, if you'd like a badge, please order 2 patches so that the badge will be completely reversible.