Neurodiversity Service Dog Patch

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We designed this patch when one of our clients requested information on a custom patch, and asked us to do somthing for Neurodiversity.  We liked the image of the neurodiversity ribbon so well, we decided to not only offer it a a vest design, but as a patch as well.

This patch is 5" wide x 2 5/8" tall, which means that it will fit on the center back of any vest that is size Medium or larger, regardless of the number of pockets on the vest.  It will also fit on the non-pocket side of size XS and larger, and on the center back of any vest without pockets.  Please keep in mind that we only stock the one-pocket vests in sizes, so if you choose to order a vest with your patch, we can sew it on for you, but it might take a little longer to get the proper size/color/pocket combination.