Rockers by Wolfpacks

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These "tabs" were designed to fit around our service dog patches, and are a great way to identify your dog as a service dog.

Great for use on any of our Wolfpacks products, they can also be used on other garments you have for your dog! 

You can use them alone, with our Service Dog Patches or have several all the way around our service dog patches -- click the "more images" link below for some ideas...

(We will sew these "tabs" on the center back of our service dog capes, but if you want the tab on the side, we have to sew through the pockets because there isn't enough room to get the arm of the machine inside the pocket.  Also, please be aware that if you are ordering tabs AND a patch and you are ordering a Service Dog Cape, depending on the size of the cape, the tab and patch may not both fit on the center back section of the cape.)

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