I'm Injured

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This patch was made because of a special request from one of our clients that has a dog that often requires a hip brace.  Because the brace is soft and fluffy, children frequently ran up to her dog to touch the brace, accidentally causing discomfort for her beloved friend.  This patch was created to help avoid uncomfortable situations for her and her friend, and is now available to help others in similar situations! Whether your dog is recovering from surgery, or has a chronic ailment, this patch may help.

BTW, this patch works for humans too!  We were at a trade show where there was a man in a wheel chair with a broken leg -- we happened to have a sample of this patch with us, so we made his day by giving it to him!

Please note:  $1.00 from your purchase of this patch will benefit "Mandy's Mission" -- a rescue in Somerset, Ky that often helps animals in need get the medical treatment that they need and/or deserve!

Size: 4.5" wide x 4" tall