Hearing Service Dog Arch

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This patch clearly identifies your dog's job, and provides guidance to others!

We made this patch in 2 variations because we know how important it is for people without disabilities to not distract your service dog, but also because the lady that requested this patch also requested our "Please Speak to Face" Tab.  It made sense to us to combine that tab with our new arch patch, so we did!  Your choices for this patch are:

  • Hearing Service Dog/Do Not Distract
  • Please Speak to Face/Handler is Deaf

We used the traditional orange for the text and border, as that is the color most common amongst Hearing Service Dogs. If you prefer different colors, just let us know, but be patient -- it takes a little longer if we have to cut different fabric colors in the sizes and shapes required for custom stuff!  Also, please know that while we try to keep some of each patch in stock, with all the variations, most patches are made especially for your order.