Mare & Foal

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When "Husky" say this design, he got all excited because it was a mommy horse with a puppy, and Husky LOVES horses!  He had several horsey friends at his 1st Kentucky home, so when we were asked to work on this design, we agreed -- after all, Husky is our facility manager!  (We explained to him that a mommy horse is called a "mare" and a horse puppy is called a "foal".)

This design is absolutely stunning, and would be beautiful on a the back of a denim shirt, the front of a sweatshirt, or the back of any of our jackets!  It is a fairly large design ,(4 7/8" wide x 6.25" tall) and can be scaled to be perfect for the garment of your choice.

 This excellent design was digitized by and is the property of Balboa Threadworks in Palm Desert, California USA, minor design modifications made by Pup'parel - a division of Darnigold Forest, LLC, with the permission of Balboa Threadworks.