Pup'parel's Own Banner-Rocker Patches

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Just to be a little different, we created this new banner shaped Rocker Patch!

We created our banner rocker because most of our clients order one rocker for the top of their 3.5" patch, and one for the bottom, so there's no real need to have 4 rocker patches that fit around a standard 3.5" patch.  Besides, we think this one is a bit more attractive than "ordinary" rockers!

For now, we're only stocking this patch with black text and edge on a white background, so if you'd like a different color combination, please allow us a little extra time to get your custom patch(es) made.

The overall size of this rocker is just a tad over 1.5" tall by a scant 4" wide.  The actual area that includes the text is .5" tall by 3" wide.  All of our banner-rockers are available in your choice of a "smile" shape (like the "in training" patch shown) or in a "frown" shape (like the "Service Dog" patch shown).

Text Options
  • Service Dog
  • Therapy Dog
  • In Training
Size 4" x 1.5" Overall, 3" x 1.2" text area
  • In Stock in Black Text and Edge on White Background
  • Available in your choice of colors combinations for a small additional fee.

Available in your choice of a "Smile" shape (like the "in training" rocker patch pictured, or a "Frown" shape (Like the "Service Dog" patch pictured.