Medical Alert Poodle, Chihuahua or MinPin

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We created this patch because one of our favorite customer's asked if we could/would create something for her new service dog that was breed specific.  As much as we just KNEW that we'd be opening the flood gates for all sorts of breed specific patches, we simply couldn't say "no" ... so here it is!


We've gotten a little tired of round, rectangular and oval patches... so we decided to create a new shape, just for this patch -- we call it a "badge" shape. Then, we took our favorite multi-media design for the Star-of-Life, and made it smaller so that it would fit in this shape with the text and dog.  Next, we took our poodle-head design, and re-worked the full body design so that the colors would match our silver poodle head design, then made the full body REALLY small so that it would fit on top of the star of life without hiding it.  On top of all that, we added the caduceus and the text.... and then created it in a tan/red flavor too!

For now, this patch is only available with the silver poodle -- we've not figured out the shading for the other poodle colors yet.  So.... if you'd like a different colored poodle on your patch, please indicate so in "comments" -- it will take several extra weeks to get the shading right, but we'll do our best to fill your order as quickly as possible.

  • White with Metallic Silver Edge and Blue Sparkle Star of Life
  • Tan with Red Edge and Red Hologram Star of Life

Size: Just a tad under 3.5" square