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All of the Pup'parel pups are EXTREMELY proud of this patch!  We think its the most beautiful creation for Assistance Animals that we've ever come up with! 

If you have trouble with the "more images" button at right, please click here to see our Rainbow Collection photo gallery. 

It is available in the following variations:
  • Ask to Pet Me, I'm Friendly
  • Assistance Dog
  • Assistance Animal
  • Autism Service Dog
  • Asperger's Syndrome - Assistance Dog
  • Canine Assistant
  • Diabetic Alert Dog
  • Emotional Support Dog
  • Epilepsy Alert Dog
  • Hearing Aid Dog
  • Hearing Assistant
  • Hearing Dog
  • Hypoglycemic Alert Dog
  • Medical Alert Animal
  • Psychiatric Service Dog
  • Respiratory Alert Dog
  • Seizure Alert Dog
  • Service Animal
  • Service Dog
  • Therapy Dog
  • Therapeutic Service Dog
  • Working Dog

This patch is downright stunning! 

For this extra special patch, we're doing something different -- instead of offering our normal flexibility in color choices, we're pre-selecting "standard colors" for each type of disability or generic text.  Why?  Because we've been going crazy with requests for different colors!  If we make a dozen of a patch with red text, then the next order that comes in for that same patch requests blue text.  It seems that no matter what we do to try to "pre-make" patches to speed delivery time, we never seem to have the right color combinations made up in advance.  To be able to deliver faster, we're going to standardize the offerings for this patch and several others.  Of course, you can still get all of our Pup'patches in any color combination you'd like, but it will cost a little more and take up to 4 weeks for us to schedule the custom patch into production.

With that in mind, this patch is available as follows:

  • Therapy Dog = Medium Green
  • Autism Dog = Multi color
  • Asperger's Syndrome = Green Sparkly Metallic
  • Hypoglycemic Alert Dog = Bimini Blue
  • Diabetic Alert Dog = Red
  • DO NOT PET = Red
  • Epilepsy Alert Dog = Hot Pink or Golden Tan
  • Medical Alert Animal = Medium Blue
  • Therapeutic Service Dog = Purple on White Cloud/Lavender on Black Cloud
  • Hearing Assistant = Orange
  • Hearing Aid Dog = Orange
  • Hearing Dog = Orange
  • Seizure Alert Dog  = Black on White Cloud, White on Black Cloud
  • Service Dog/Service Animal/Assistance Animal = Metallic Gold
  • Ask to Pet Me, I'm Friendly = Light Green
  • Service Puppy in Traiing = Bright Aqua

With the execption of the Asperger's Syndrome Assistance Dog Rainbow Patch, if you request a 2nd line of text in the rainbow, it will be black.  We've tried several other colors, and only very dark colors show up well, so black made the most sense, because it doesn't clash with any of the other possible colors!

If we get a lot of requests for a different color/text combination, we may add it to this list as a "standard" offering, but we'll have to see how that goes.  Please send Xamidoo an email to let her know if you'd like something different... she aims to please, but knows that she can't please everybody all the time.