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Our new series of Assistance Dog Patches!

A lady in Maine asked us to dream up a patch that incorporated the "Maine Assistance Dog" concept, and this is what we came up with!

It's going to be quite a project to come up with a patch for each state, and we will be reviewing our previous orders to see where most of our clients are located.  We will then add state patches based on the quantity of clients from each state.  We've only done Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington so far, so please keep checking back to see what other states have been added. 

Of course, if you place an order for your state, that will bump your state to to the top of the list if we've not designed it yet.  This way, you can get your state's patch designed to your liking, as we'll design it especially for you somaking it the first of its kind -- which means that you get to choose the colors of the patch and the state silhouette, as well as have influence on the breed that we choose to represent your state!    

These state patches HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED BY ANY GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES - yet.  As we create state patches we will be marketing them to officials for each state, but that does not mean they will be accepted as any form of certification.  PLEASE respect your local laws related to Service Animals. 

Because it is quite a project to create patches for each and every state, Each state's patch will only be available as shown.  While we normally try to be as flexible as possible with patch and thread colors, the variables are just too great for us to do that with this series -- at least until we get through the 1st set.  Of course we are always open to suggestions!  Please email us with your ideas.  While we can't promise to implement your idea, or when we might get to it (our request list is quite long already), we evaluate each request for marketability, and fit it in as time allows.


Your choice of:

  • 3 Inches Tall (Medium)
  • 4 Inches Tall (Large)
Style: This patch features Pup'parel's unique techique of using a vinyl for the state shape that is sewn down with metallic thread at no additional charge.  We've not seen anyone else use this multi-media technique for patches or garments!
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