Emotional Support Cat

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Designed for people that travel by air with thier Emotional Support Kitty ...

Emotional Support Animals are not limited just to dogs... so, we created this patch at the request of our clients that have cats as bona fide emotional support animals. 

While we try to stick to dog related products, the need for this type of patch was recently brought to our attention, so we created it!  It is intended to go on a cat-carrier when a person with emotional support needs, and the appropriate documentation travels on an airplane. 

As most kitties are small, this patch is just under 3" wide and a tad over 2 1/4 tall -- not counting the whiskers which fall off the face of the kitty!  It is available as a gray, orange or a white kitty.

Please note:  "Service Cats" are no longer recognized in the United States -- however, they are recognized as valid service animals in other countries.  We are sorry, but if you order one of these patches with the text "service cat" and your order is shipping to a US address, we will not be able to accept your order.  We are pleased to be able to continue to offer "emotional support cat" and "therapy cat" patches for our US based customers.


Your Choice of White, Orange or Gray Cat


Slightly over 2 1/4" tall x just under 3 inches wide

Text Because the text is so small, we can't offer different type styles, but you may choose your favorite color for the text!