Hearing Aid Dog

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We created this patch at the request of one of our clients that not only is allowing us to offer it to you, but also requested that we post a brief definition of the various types of auditory assistant animals.

While actual definitions vary by geography, the most common terms associated with hearing dogs are described below:

A "Hearing Dog" is a dog that hears for its handler, and alerts them to things like the phone ringing, a door bell, smoke/fire alarm, etc.  This dog can also be called a "Signal Dog", because the dog signals the handler of sounds.

A "Hearing Assistant" or "Hearing Aid Dog" is a dog that provides assistance to someone that has a hearing impairment, but is not completely deaf.  This person usually wears hearing aids, and the assistance animal provides additional support and signals its handler to sounds that their hearing aids may or may not pick up.

This patch is available as shown with on a white background with a white border and orange text.  Orange is the traditional color for hearing dogs.


Color: White Patch with White Border
Size: 3.5" Round