Ask Before Petting - I'm Blind/Deaf/Shy/Afraid

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Blind, Deaf and very shy dogs love getting out as much as dogs without impairment... but can be frightened by people just rushing up to pet them!

We created this patch to help you identify your dog as having a disability, and provide a non-verbal way to caution others to not frighten your dog!

Please note: Unless you specify that you would like "custom text colors", these patches will be made with the colors shown in the examples for the background color you choose.  For example, If you choose a black background, the thread color(s) for the text will be neon pink.  If you choose a yellow background, the text that is arched around the top of the "don't" symbol will be royal blue, the text on the bottom section of the text will be green.

This patch looks pretty massive in this picture, but it is acutally 3.5" tall and just a bit under 3.5" wide, so it will fit on even the smallest service dog vests and capes, and is also available as a design that can be embroidered directly on our Pup'danas!

This patch is available quickly in the colors show (Yellow patch with "Ask Before Petting Me" in blue, with "I am Blind/Deaf/Shy" in green) -- but if you'd like a different color combination, just email Razzy -- he'll be sure to let our human workers know what colors you'd like on your patch!  If you'd like your patch personalized, please allow us an extra week or so to make it especially for you.

Patch Size:

Available in two sizes:

  • 3.10" wide x 3.15" tall (small)
  • 3.5" wide x 3.5" tall (medium)

This patch can be applied to all of our pup'garments and accessories, or the design can be sewn directly onto any of them (without the patch fabric).

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