Medical Alert Animal 1

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Even though we specialize in dogs, several people have requested that we come up with a design for service animals that might not be canines!

This uniquely shaped patch was designed for folks that have service animals might not be dogs, or for use in countries other than the United States where the appropriate term is "Service Animal", not "Service Dog".  Adding to the uniqueness of this patch, the eye of the snake in the cacadeus is a tiny black Swavorski Crystal jewel!

This patch can be sewing on to your service animal's garment by hand or machine, or can be applied with a heat press.  We don't recommend using an iron to apply this patch because most irons can't apply the same uniform heat and pressure to create a durable bond to the garment.  Due to its unique shapes, this patch is hand-cut by one of the human helpers at Pup'parel.  This patch is available in 2 different shape styles -- you can choose either the rounded triangle, or the upside-down "T" shape.

This patch is a little over 3.75" tall by a little under 3.75" wide. 

  • Vegas Gold with Brown Edge
  • Other colors by request
  • Medium: 3.75" tall x 3.75" wide

Completely Made in USA

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