Seizure Alert Dog/Assistance Dog Patch

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Pretty Seizure Alert Dog/Assistance Dog Patch with Metallic Gold Handicap Symbol

A very, VERY pretty patch!

This patch was another "special request" patch.  Our customer requested a gold handicap symbol, but didn't specify if she wanted a "gold color" or "metallic gold" so we went the extra mile, and used metallic thread for both the symbol, and the beaded outline -- just because we thought it would be pretty!  She liked it so much that she asked us to make it one of our standard offerings, so that other people could have one too!

Just tell us text you'd like the text by  clicking on the "More Details" link on the lower right, then using the selection box to choose "Seizure Alert Dog - Don't Pet Please" or "Assistance Dog On Duty - Don't Pet".

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