Cargo Tanks for Dogs!

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These cute  tanks are a great doggie fashion statement -- for all kinds of casual pup events!

Meet Bella... one of our newest fashion models!  A svelte young boxer girl just MUST have a wide assortment of clothes to keep off the chill of cool days and summer air conditioning, and Bella is certainly a svelte young boxer girl!  Shown here in her pink on pink cargo tank, one can see that these tanks are styled just like our camo muscle shirts -- just a little less woodsey!

As with all of our human garments, the garment shown includes embroidery the embroidery design of your choice!  Unless you specify otherwise, we will always match the thread color of the embroidery to the trim color of your cargo tank.

Available in sized XS - 2XL (see notes below).


Available Colors


Brown/Lt Blue

Lt Blue/Navy



Our experience has been that these doggie garments run just a little small... so you might want to buy a size larger than is specified in the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer below.

Bella, our model, can just fit in a size 2X, as you can see from the photo above -- but she is only 50 lbs! 

Bozie, a small spaniel mix, weighing 22 lbs could be stuffed into a medium, but a large provided a more comfortable fit. 

Ollie, a doxie-terrier mix weighing in at a portly 25 lbs couldn't be poured into a medium, so a large, while big in the neck, went around his belly nicely.  

Nyssa, a slender minature schnauzer, at 17 lbs, could get into the medium, but it was uncomfortably tight.  The large was a bit big in the neck for her, so it tended to slide back almost to her shoulders, we "adapted" the large by adding a ribbed "turtleneck" collar, and while this isn't a service we offer, if your dog is slender in the neck, short in body length by has a deep chest or big belly, and if you or someone you know sews, you might want to consider this method of using up scraps of cotton ribbing!.

However, Dash, a teeny little Chihuahua that belongs to one of our clients was quite comfortable in an XS -- Dash weighs 3 lbs.

Judging by the way that the L fit Bozers, Ollie,Nyssa, and Bella,we expect the large to top out at 30 lbs, the XL at about 40 lbs, and the XXL at about 50 lbs.  Or course, the build of your breed of dog will have a bearing on the weight/measurment ratio.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

  Manufacturer's Specifications

 Actual Garment Chest Measurement


 0 - 4 lbs


 5 - 10 lbs


 11 - 23 lbs


 24 - 45 lbs


 46 - 70 lbs


 71+ lbs