Hearing Assistant - I'm All Ears!

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Designed especially for hearing dogs (also called "Signal Dogs"), this patch is a unique combination of fun, regal and practical!

This patch is a little larger than most of our patches -- it had to be to get all the words in there!  It measures 5.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall, do it will fit on all of our service dog capes that are size small and above.  If you have a dog that would wear an extra-small cape, we can embroider this design directly onto the back yoke of the cape, but for tiny hearing assistants, the best we can offer is to embroider the text (without the cute dog design) directly onto one of our capes.  Please contact us if if you have any questions!

Because of its unique shape, it is only availabe with a navy blue background and metallic gold edging.  However, we will be happy to change the color of the dog's collar and the "I'm All Ears!" text color to the color of your choice.  Please click "more images" at right to view some choices and ideas.

Note:  Because these are so lightweight, we will send these to you via US Mail if you are not ordering any other garments or accessories.  Unfortunately, our shopping cart software does not allow for "free shipping", so when your credit card is processed, you will only be charged the $9.99 price, not the total that appears at the bottom of the check out page.