Custom-Made, Custom Embroidered Dog Coats

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Made especially to fit YOUR pup!  These coats are some of the very few available for large dogs as well as small ones! 

There's lots and lots of adorable garments for smaller dogs, but very few for the larger breeds ... and just because a dog is "BIG" doesn't mean that he has a long, dense, fuzzy coat!

Many of our clients with large breeds don't live in temperate climates, and needed a garment for their pal so that everyone could enjoy the winter weather together!  These great custom made coats fit that need! 

They are available in two distinctive styles -- a greyhound style (as shown) to fit the unique build of hound breeds (these work well for many other breeds as well), and the K9 Coat, which is tailored more to the needs of the non-slim waisted breeds.  The coat closure will be determined by the length of the custom coat you order,  Sizes 10 - 18 have the traditional wide belly-band that is attached on one side, and has a hook & loop closure on the other.  Sizes 20" and longer have the double cris-cross straps (greyhound style) with 3/4" nylon buckle closures.  The Greyhound-style coat has both the belly band, and the criss-cross straps, and is available in lenghts 24" and longer.

The K9 coat is available in a "Sweater" or "Winter" variety coat; the Greyhound coat is available in the "Spring" or "Winter" styles so that you can order the coat style that is suitable for the  winter climate in your geography.

The "Sweater" is made of polar fleece.  Both the spring and winter coat styles are made of a durable nylon exterior to make them weather resistant -- excellent for walks on rainy or snowy days.  The Canine Coat and Greyhound "Spring" coat has a 430 denier nylon shell is lined with Polar Tec 200 to help keep mans best friend warm during winter romps.  The greyhound winter coat goest one step further, by adding Primaloft -- and inslulator rated for below 0 temps as an additional layer between the exterior nylon, and a smooth interior nylon designed for easy donning. The larger breeds' coat includes a chest strap, diagonal straps with and side release buckles.  Smaller dogs have a single clasp at the chest and a belly band that closes with Velcro.  Both designs have a full range of adjustments available.  The table below shows a summary of features of the different cusom made coats available:

Length Closure Exterior Lining Trim
k9 spring </=20 NO SUCH COAT, only WINTER!!!
k9 spring >/=20
Dog Sweater - SMALL </=20 BellyBand PolarTec200 NA
Dog Sweater - Large >/=20 Bias Surcingles w/side release buckles (no bellyband) PolarTec200 NA
k9 Winter  </=20 BellyBand 430 denier Nylon PolarTec200 black only for sizes <14, all colors avail for other sizes
k9 Winter >/=20 Bias Surcingles w/side release buckles (no bellyband) 430 denier Nylon PolarTec200
Grayhound spring </=24 NA (some exceptions) 430 denier Nylon PolarTec200
Grayhound spring  >/=24 Bias Surcingles w/side release buckles & bellyband 430 denier Nylon PolarTec200
Grayhound Winter  </=24 NA (some exceptions) 430 denier Nylon Primaloft + Nylon
Grayhound Winter >/=24 Bias Surcingles w/side release buckles & bellyband 430 denier Nylon Primaloft + Nylon

To measure your dog for one of these excellent coats, you'll need to measure from the top of thier shoulder to the base of their tail to get the length, then around their body at the broadest part of their chest (about 1" - 2" back from their "armpit") to get the girth.  It would also be helpful to have a neck measurement, as well as the width of their chest (measured in a sitting position from shoulder bone to shoulder bone.) Since each coat is made to order, please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery.

Available in lots of colors with your choice of matching or contrasting trim colors, you can outfit your entire canine family in matching garments, and even get coats to match for your horses! (Please call us for pricing on matching horse products.) 

Coat Colors:  Blackwatch Plaid (blue/green), Black, Navy, Hunter, Burgundy, Purple, Red, Royal Blue.
Trim colors are as follows: black, navy blue, hunter green, burgundy, camel, purple, grey, gold, red, royal blue, light blue, white, kelly green & yellow.
(optional) Piping colors: black, white, hunter green, navy blue, gold, grey, burgundy, camel, purple, royal blue, kelly green, light blue, red, yellow & pink.