Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 3

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This picture truly does not do justice to this incredibly "picturesque" design!  The detailed shading and embroidery technique give this design a photo-like appearance, and is absolutlely striking from approximately 2 - 4 feet away.  The dog's head in this design is approximately 3.75" wide, making it perfect for a center chest design when combined with text.  (Please click the "more images" link below to see this design with text.)

To choose this design, just choose your thread colors for any personalization, then click on the shopping cart at the top of this page to add it to your shopping cart.  Then, use the navigator at left to choose a garment or accessory on which you'd like us to embroider this design.

This excellent design was digitized by the Sophia at Advanced Embroidery Designs in Norwich, New York, USA.