German Shepherd Puppy #2

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This design has a lot of flexibility -- it can be sized from 2.5" x 3.5" to 4.5" x 6.25", which makes it suitable as a left chest design on all of our garments, or as a center chest design for crewneck pullovers and sweatshirts or as a Jacket back design for any of our jackets!  In a medium size, it is great for tote bags, towels, blankets and even works for our messenger bag that makes an excellent laptop case!  You don't have to be concerned about selecting a design size -- we'll do that for you based on your garment or accessory selection.   It is also excellent in combination with the "GSD Puppies" -- put this puppy on the left chest of a fleece jacket or sweatshirt, and put the "GSD Puppies" design on the back!

To choose this design, just choose your thread colors and placement, then click on the shopping cart at the top of this page to add it to your shopping cart.  Then you can use the navigator at left to choose a garment or accessory on which you'd like us to embroider this design. 

Remember, at Pup'parel, we don't charge extra for embroidering on the garment of your choice -- embroidery in one location is included in the item price.  There may be an additional charge to put a design in additional locations on the garment. 

This design was digitized by and is copyrighted by the talented artists at Balboa Threadworks in Palm Desert, CA, 2004.

Design Size:

Resizable from 2.5" wide x 3.5" tall to 4.5" wide x 6.25" tall


In the smaller sizes, this is an excellent companion to the GSD Puppies!  Put this design on the left chest of a bathrobe, and the larger design with 2 puppies on the back.

Suitable for left or center chest placement for all of our garments (though it might be a little too heavy for lightweight golf shirts and t-shirts), this design is also suitable for jacket backs.

Great for Accessories

Fantastic for Sweatshirts and Jackets