Puppy Love

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With green text and red and green collars -- this design makes an EXCELLENT holiday design!

This design is FANTASTIC as a center chest or jacket back design, and is appoximately 9" wide by 11" high!  We actually tell a funny story about this one... we had actually given up on trying to get the colors right on these puppies, and had thrown our many sew-outs in the "scrap bin".  One day, one of our customers asked to see one of the new chenille crewneck sweaters ... in a hurry, we grabbed the one in the scrap bin that had this design sewn on it, rather than pulling stock from its shelf.  As I was walking toward her she asked "WHAT IS THAT DESIGN????"  I apologized, and explained that it was too rough for our standards, but that the garment was fine.  She insisted that the design was gorgeous, and ordered a sweater with this design right then and there!  So, we resurected the design and have now added it as one of our fun designs!  A note though... when viewed "close up" (2 feet or less distance) this design DOES NOT have the fine resolution that most of our designs have.  However, from more than 3 feet away.... it really is a beautiful design, with much depth and texture!

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Many thanks to the talented digitizers at Balboa Threadworks in Palm Desert, CA for creating this design!  (We added the text and selected the colors to ensure that these puppies are a realistic as possible!)