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This easy to wear garment allows others to quickly and easily identify your dog as a service dog!

These id capes are an excellent way to allow others to quickly and easily identify your dog as a service dog or member of your club or organization.

If your dog is trained to heal on your left side, you'll probably want the embroidery on the left side of the garment.  You may also want additional embroidery on the back and right side of the garment, depending on the service your dog provides, the manner in which he/she works or your personal preference.  Many of our customers like to have their organization name on the left and right side of the cape, with their dog's name across the back.

If you have a logo for your organization, we will be happy to work with you to create (or use a pre-digitized design) to embroidery on your id capes.  An additional fee may apply for custom logo design.  Please contact us for details.

For the extra large vest, we do not sew through the pockets when you request left or right side placement, if your design is 3" or less. Unfortunately, on all other sizes, it is not possible to get inside the pockets with the embroidery machine, so we have to sew through them, rendering them useless.  If we use a center back embroidery location, both pockets will work fine!  Please keep this in mind when choosing the number of pockets when ordering vests that are smaller than XL.  Please be aware that because of this physical limitation, we typically stock only the one-pocket variation of Wolfpack's vests.  We'll be happy to special order vests with no pockets or 2 pockets if that is your preference.

Additionally, if you'd like to preserve the functionality of the pockets on smaller sizes, you can opt to have us professionally adhere the patches using a thermal adhesive and commercial press.  

We recommend hand washing in mild dish detergent and allowing your vest to dry flat or line dry.  DO NOT dry in a clothes dryer if your patches have been professionally adhered. 

Standard Colors:

Red, Hunter, Royal Blue, Orange

Premium Colors:

Bordeaux, Desert Camo, Moss Frost*, Demure Blue*, Purple, Black 

* Please note:  colors marked with an asterik (*) are discontinued with a very limited number of some sizes in stock. When they are gone no more can be obtained.


Sizing Chart for ID Capes






13".- 16" 

10 - 20 pounds 

Silky Terriers 


16" - 23"

~20 - 30 pounds

Welsh Corgis


24" - 29"

~30 - 50 pounds

Border Collies


30" - 35"

~50 - 90 pounds

Labs & Golden Retreivers


35" - 39"

~90 - 120 pounds

German Shepherds


40" - 45"

~120 pounds and up

Great Danes