German Shepherd 4a - Stack

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This design was pushed to the head of the pack -- or in our case, top of the stack of client requested sew-outs by a client that placed an order on blind faith that the sew out would be gorgeous ... and it is!   With wonderful detail and shading, this design is suitable for all of our products -- even t-shirts and gulf shirts, and is flexible so that it can be sized from 2.6" to 9" wide!  But, don't worry -- we'll choose the size appropriate for your garment and location selection.  We've also modified our "black & tan" to be a Sable -- please click "more images" below to view our rendition of a Sable Shepherd!

To choose this design, just choose your thread colors, then click on the shopping cart at the top of this page to add it to your shopping cart.  Then you can use the navigator at left to choose a garment or accessory on which you'd like us to embroider this design.

This excellent design was digitized and is copyrighted by the Balboa Threadworks, Palm Desert, CA.



Design Size:

Resizable from 2" tall x 3.75" wide to 6" tall x 8.5" wide


Because of the flexibility of sizing in this design, it is wonderful for any placement on all of our garments or accessories.

Great for Accessories

Fantastic for Sweatshirts and Jackets