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We have not sewn this design yet, but it is available in our library. Perfecting the shading may take a little longer for us to get it "just right", so please allow extra time for us to work our magic.
The Hovawart is a classic example of the diligence of German dog breeding 100 years ago. In an attempt to re-create the great estate guarding dog of the Middle Ages, a group of dedicated breeders used selected farm dogs acquired in the Black Forest and Hartz mountain regions of Germany, and perhaps the Hungarian Kuvasz, German Shepherd, and Newfoundland, to produce this elegant worker. The Hovawart is popular in Germany, but virtually unknown in the USA. It is a versatile, intelligent breed. Written evidence of the existence of the "Hofewart," an estate guard dog, is first mentioned in Eike von Repgow's Sachsenspiegel.  In the 1200's the breed became nearly extinct and was reconstructed in the 1920's by Kurt Konig. Konig's efforts were successful, and the Hovawart was recognized by the German Kennel Club in 1937. Records from the 1400's illustrate and describe this breed tracking robbers. The Hovawart is a fine watchdog, excellent family companion, and excels in schutzhund, search & rescue and tracking. There are currently only about 100 Hovawarts in the USA.
Design Size:

2 - 3 inches in diameter


Left chest placement for all of our garments (though it might be a little too heavy for lightweight golf shirts and t-shirts)

Great for Accessories

Fantastic for Sweatshirts and Jackets