Tabs & Rockers

Access Required by Law Tab Patch

... based on another client request!

Assistance Dog - Working Tab Patch

Flexible Bar Patch

A tiny little bar patch!

In Training - Bar 2

Instructor Rocker

For Trainers ONLY, please!

Open In Emergency

This is the cutest little patch!

Medical Alert Rocker Patch

We made these little rockers at the request of one of our clients from "down under".

Medical Alert Animal Rocker

This patch was designed specifically to fit around our 3.5" round patches, but many of our clients like to use them all by themselves!

Rocker Patches by Wolfpacks

Speak to Face Rocker

... for LARGE breeds.

Instructor Rocker

For Trainers ONLY, please!

Pup'parel's Own Banner-Rocker Patches

Service Animal/Therapy Animal Bars