Some information about Emotional Support Dogs

Lots of folks have asked us to post information about Emotional Support Dogs...

Please be aware that the laws of each community vary on the privileges extended to ESD's, and that Pup'parel has no relationship with any of the entities in the links below and can not be responsible for the validity of any of the information provided.  These links are provided for your convenience and reference.


Emotional Support Dogs and Emotional Support Animals are not currently recognized as Service Animals under the ADA law.  (Here is a link for more information on the ADA Training Requirements for a Service Animal : ) 


ESD's and ESA's play a very important role in the life of their handler, and some handlers would like to be able to appropriately identify their animal.  Pup'parel serves a variety of geographic areas that extend across the United States, as well as internationally.  Each geographic location has different rules and different names for different types of service animals, hence there is some confusion as to what defines a "Service Animal". 

With regard to Emotional Support Dogs, in some areas,  is equivilent to Service Animal.  In other geographies, and ESD/ESA has no special training and no special priviledges.  In New Zealand, and in Seattle, WA, for example, an ESD is treated as a service animal.   PLEASE... investigate the laws and terminology in your city/state/country and locations to which you may travel before purchasing patches from us, and purchase only those patches that are appropriate for your service animal. 

Below are links to some reference articles and or links to additional information:  is one of the best links we've found that provided information on both Emotional Support Dogs and Service Dogs.


This article discusses a lost/found dog, but defines the law in Seattle, WA related to Emotional Support "Service Dogs":

This article discusses some of the laws related to service dogs in general, and edifies the concept that Emotional Support Dogs currently have a tenuous status.  It also states that for Air Travel, ANY DOCUMENTATION (like a prescription or doctor's note) is suffucient identification for classification as a "service animal", which by implication includes ESD's prescribed by a doctor.

We learned that in San Francisco, CA, Emotional Support Dogs are classified as "Assistance Animals". The original article can be found on here:

Here's the phone number for  Air Carries Access which will provide more information on taking ESD's on planes:  (Voice) 1-800-778-4838 (TTY) 1-800-455-9880.

For traveling to New Zealand with your Emotional Support Dog, here is a link to more information:

The information above is provided for reference only.  Please contact your local authorities for specific and detailed information related to the law.