Patches for Emotional Support and Therapy Animals

Therapy animals provide support to people other than their handler.  Often they visit nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, prisons, libraries, schools and other facilities where the residents will benefit from their visits.   Therapy animals DO NOT qualify as service animals.

Ask to Pet Me #4 - Friendly

We designed this patch especially for small breed therapy and support dogs.

Rainbow Collection - Emotional Support/Therapy Dog

Certified Therapy Dog Patch

Certified Therapy Rainbow Dog

 Choose "Certified Therapy Dog" or "Emotional Support Dog" as the text for your patch!

Coin Patches

When the very 1st of these patches came off the embroidery machine, it reminded us of a coin or old-fashioned subway token -- so that's what we thought we'd call them!

Emotional Assistance Dog - Text Only

Emotional Support Animal - Small Breed

Emotional Support Cat

Designed for people that travel by air with thier Emotional Support Kitty ...

Emotional Support/Therapy Dog Rainbow -

Every cloud has a silver lining -- and this patch has a metallic silver/varigated metallic border  or an irridescent border on the cloud, and some have a double row!

Therapy Dog In Training Patch

Ask to Pet Me #3 - Corner Dog

We created this fun patch especially for those of you that said you were tired of your old green & white "Ask to Pet Me" patch!

Round Patches by Wolfpacks

Ask to Pet Me - I'm Friendly or Please Don't Pet Me -- I'm Working

USMC-Emotional Support Animal Patch

For dogs and cats that provide emotional support to the Marines that have served or are serving our country!         

Service Animal/Therapy Animal Bars