Other Patches

 Here you will find an assortment of patch designs that we created as a custom order, and the client was kind enough to allow us to offer these designs to the public!

Canine Activity Rockers

Free Shipping

GSD-Activity Patches

Handler Bites

Just for fun!

Native Pride 1

No Children

No Treats!

Personalized Therapy/Service Horse with Horseshoe

Even though we're all about pups, "Husky" is very fond of his horsey friends, and thought we needed to make a patch for them, too!


Had a rough day?  Need extra spoons?  We got 'em!

Staring Is Creepy

Just for giggles!

US Army - We Support our Veterans and Troops

Show your support of the US Army Veterans & Troops

Instructor Rocker

For Trainers ONLY, please!