Just For Fun

50's Trio

A Pup'parel Exclusive!

All American

Cat Mom 1

For kitty "moms" and rescuers that are purr-fect ladies!

Dog Mom 1

You don't have to have a Saint Bernard to appreciate this design!


A perfect gift for your BHFF! (Best HUMAN Female Friend)

Heart-Paw-Stethoscope Monogram

Yes!  We'll embroider this design, complete with your monogram on any of our garments (except caps) or accessories for just one penny!

I Heart My Service Dog - Snowflakes

A fun design for winter-wear!

I Love My Dogs!

Kiss the Cook!

... y la chihuahua! (And the Chihauha!)

Puppy Heart

We created this sweet design for a friend with a new baby-girl puppy... and think that if WE think its a great gift idea, you might too!  (Yes, we can change the colors to be suitable for puppy boys too.) 

To order this design on a blanket, just add it to your cart, then click here for our selection of baby blankets.  Or, use the related products link at right to get to bl

Rain Sucks

Service Dog Mom

You Had Me at Woof - Hearts

Will you every forget that movie line " You had me at 'Hello'"?

This is the canine interpreation of that line!

Winter Sucks

Working Girl

In this economy, EVERYBODY needs to have a job!  So this poodle went and got one!