(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do you do custom logos and or contract embroidery?

Yes, we do!.  Click here to see an example of some of our Custom dogs and scroll down to #5 below for details.  Please contact us for more information if you need this type of service. 


2. What's the difference between "Personalization" and "Custom Embroidery"?

Personalization is adding words, names and/or monograms to a design from our catalog or library of designs to make a design that has been "personalized" for you.  Custom Embroidery is when a professional digitizer takes your logo or other artwork and creates (digitizes) a design that can be used by an embroidery machine to sew this artwork onto a garment or accessory. 


3. I love your stuff!  Do you sell it without embroidery?

No.  However, if you are unsure about size, we will provide an unembroidered "sample" upon request for a reduced price.    Please call us to make arrangements for samples.


4. I'd like to arrange for my dog club to purchase logo-wear from you.  Can we get quantity discounts?

Yes.  We offer 2 special programs for groups and clubs -- a one-time "bulk purchase" program where the club coordinates obtaining size information and collects the money and makes one large purchase, and an on-going program in which each member purchases whatever they want, whenever they want through a special area on our website.  We can also arrange for a portion of the proceeds from purchases by club members to be donated back to the club under this program.  Please contact us for details.


5. Can you embroider my dog on a garment?

Yes, but it's not inexpensive.  In other words, you probably don't want to incur the expense of custom work if you only want one item -- though it is possible to do.   We have 2 different programs.  If we do not have a dog in our library that is similar to your dog, we will offer you a reduced price IF you agree that we can use the digitized image of your dog as a stock design to put on garments for other customers that have a similar looking dog.  The cost for the design under this program starts at $300 depending on the complexity of the dog.  You would also pay for the garments that you want us to sew the design onto.  Then, when other people order garments with your dog as the selected design, we will give you a credit for $5 for every garment ordered with your dog's image until the design has cost you $0.  Sorry... if you order 10 garments for yourself, you don't get $50 off. The design has to be ORDERED by OTHER PEOPLE, after your original purchase. 

The 2nd option for a custom design is one where the design will be used exclusively by you  (or your company/kennel) and only for garments ordered by you and/or your employees/friends/family.  The cost to do this varies, depending on the size of the design requested and its complexity.  Typically, the cost for this type of work is between $350.00 - $500.00. 

Please contact us for details, and be sure to include the photo that you would like us to base your design on.


6. Why does it take 4-6 weeks if I only want a couple of patches? 

It's not that your order takes 4 - 6 weeks to personalize and complete ... its all the orders ahead of yours!   We do our very best to be flexible, allowing our clients to change our patches in to suit them.  Text, thread colors, patch backgrounds can all be changed -- but this takes time!  The same is true of garments and accessories.  To accomplish this, we can't pre-make a bunch of items and have them on the shelf ready to ship, because the personalization possibilities are endless!  So, we make most of our products, by the each,  "to order".    That said, we typically have a few of each of our patches pre-made -- so if you are in a hurry to receive your items -- please contact us -- we might not have your preferred color combination "on the shelf", but we might have something that will work.