Breeds R - Z

To select a design, just add it to your shopping cart, then select a garment on which you'd like that design embroidered. and add it to your shopping cart.  If you are ordering multiple garments and multiple designs, please tell us in the "comments" for either the design or the garment which design you'd like on which garment.  Thank you!

Retriever - Curly Coated

Rhodesian Ridgeback 1

Rottweiler - 1


Spoiled Rotten Rottie - XL

Saluki 1

Samoyed 1

Schnauzer 1

Schnauzer 2

Schnauzer 3

Schnauzer 4 - Miniature

Schnauzer 5 - Full Body

Scottish Deerhound 1

Scottish Terrier 1

Shar Pei

Also Available as a Black SharPei!

Shar Pei - puppy

Shettland Sheepdog/Sheltie 1

Shettland Sheepdog/Sheltie 2

Shiba Inu 1

Shiba Inu 2

ShiTzu 1

ShihTzu 2 - Full Body

ShihTzu 3

Siberian Husky 1

Siberian Husky 2

Springer Spaniel 1