What's a Pup'placemat?

Its your dogs' place to be!

If you've done formal training with your pet, you've probably used a blanket or towel to teach your dog "place".  In our family, "place" is sort like "goul" from a childs game ... its one spot where no one can bother you (if you're a dog) and you can just quietly and safely be at rest. 

We developed "Pup'placemats" so each of our  Executives could have their own place-- no matter where we travel to!  It provides comfort and familiarity.  When we put someone's place next to front door, the owner of that Pup'placemat knows for certain that they are going on an adventure!

Pup'placemats can also be used as a crate pad, and are available in four distinctive styles!  Click the "Pup'Placemats" link at left to view them!