Overstock & Quick Ship

Need it fast?  Check here first!

Over the years, sometimes when someone placed an order for patches in custom colors, we made one or two extra patches, just because if that person wanted that color combination, someone else might too!  Sometimes, we've attended an event, and made a bunch of t-shirts or hoodies or jackets to bring to that event, and usually, we have had a couple garments left when the show was over. 

We've also had some feedback that folks don't want to wait 4 - 6 weeks for a custom patch or garment, especially when there is really nothing all that custom about their order -- they want just what is shown in the photo. to that end, we've created this  area of our website just for that purpose -- to be able to provide a limited number of items that are "what you see is what you get".  This is the ONLY place in our website where personalization is not possible.  However, if you see something here that sparks an idea in your mind, and you'd like something in a different color/size, with different text, please know that you can order it just that way by using the "related" products links contained in the "more details" link on each item.

These products are on the shelf, ready to ship as shown, in the quantities/sizes indicated!  We promise to ship patches from this section of our website within 2 business days of receipt of your order - no expedite fees will apply, you just pay for the patches and the shipping method that suits you.