Medical Assistance Dog On Duty

Medical Response Dog - Law

Mobility Assistance Dog with Star of Life

For BIG DOGS only!

Native Pride 1

Neurodiversity Service Dog Patch

No Children

No Treats!

Noise Reactive PTSD Service Dog

Noise Reactive/Noise Sensitive Combat Veteran Star

Open In Emergency

This is the cutest little patch!

Patriot Ribbon

Perro de Servicio - Chico o Chica


Personalized Therapy/Service Horse with Horseshoe

Even though we're all about pups, "Husky" is very fond of his horsey friends, and thought we needed to make a patch for them, too!

Play Ball! Service Dog Patch

This "Baseball" patch is the first in a series for sports fans with Service Dogs!

PSDP Patches

... in support of Psychiatric Service Dog Partners!

Psychiatric Service Dog - Breed Specific

A discreet new patch for Psychiatric Service Dogs!

Public Transportation Access Patch

Pup'parel's Own Banner-Rocker Patches

Rainbow Collection - Emotional Support/Therapy Dog

Rainbow Collection - Service Dog


Rainbow Dog on Metallic Gold or Silver

Respiratory Alert Dog

This pretty patch was designed for folks that have service dogs to alert them to respiratory attacks. 

Rockers by Wolfpacks

Seizure Alert Dog In Training Patch

Seizure Alert Dog Patch