All Pup'patches

We are all about personalization! 

What you see pictured doesn't have to be what you get -- almost all of our patches are made to order in Kentucky, not by the hundreds overseas. Oftentimes, we do make a few of each patch "in advance" to allow for speedier delivery -- so if you need your order in a hurry, please call us at 606-451-2103 to see what color combinations of the patch style(s) you want we have on hand.  If you are not in a hurry, and want different colors than shown, we'll be happy to do that for you with almost all of our patch designs.

Instructor Rocker

For Trainers ONLY, please!

Registered Service Dog - German Shepherd patch

Access Required by Law - Don't Distract

A New Variation of our Assistance Dog - Don't Distract Patch!

Access Required by Law Tab Patch

... based on another client request!

Ask 5 - Bone

Designed specifically for small breeds with challenges!

Ask Before Petting - I Am Working

Also available as "I am Blind" or "I Am Deaf" or "I Am Shy", or " I Am ..." and with "Do Not Pet" instead of "Ask Before Petting"

Ask Before Petting - I'm Blind/Deaf/Shy/Afraid


Blind, Deaf and very shy dogs love getting out as much as dogs without impairment... but can be frightened by people just rushing up to pet them!

Ask to Pet Me #3 - Corner Dog

We created this fun patch especially for those of you that said you were tired of your old green & white "Ask to Pet Me" patch!

Ask to Pet Me #4 - Friendly

We designed this patch especially for small breed therapy and support dogs.

Assistance Dog - Don't Distract-Bilingual

A New Bi-lingual "Don't Pet" Patch in Spanish/English and French/English!

Assistance Dog - Don't Pet/Assistance Dog - Don't Distract

Assistance Dog - Working Tab Patch

Assistance Dog on Flame Patch

A perfect companion patch to our "Fire Face" patch!

Autism Service Dog

This bright yellow patch brings a little sunshine wherever it goes!

Autism Service Dog Puzzle Piece

A client asked us to make this patch as a simple square patch (and we did) -- but we decided to offer it as a square puzzle piece instead of just an ordinary square.

Balance Assistance Dog

Yes -- we can make this one into a Banner Badge!

Canine Assistant - Don't Feed, Don't Pet

Canine Assistant - Text Only

Certified Therapy Dog Patch

Certified Therapy Rainbow Dog

 Choose "Certified Therapy Dog" or "Emotional Support Dog" as the text for your patch!

Coin Patches

When the very 1st of these patches came off the embroidery machine, it reminded us of a coin or old-fashioned subway token -- so that's what we thought we'd call them!

Cowboy Pup

... for those Service Dog Cowboys! (If you have a Cowgirl, we probably could put a bow on her hat at no charge to you!)

Diabetic Response Dog - German/English Bilingual Patch

Diabetic Response Dog Patch

Do Not Separate 1

Don't Pet - Bone

For small breeds!

Don't Pet - No Text

Emotional Assistance Dog - Text Only

Emotional Support Animal - Small Breed

Epi-Pen Response Dog


Fire Face

Flexible Bar Patch

A tiny little bar patch!

Glow-In-the-Dark Service Dog - Do Not Distract Patch


Glow-in-the-Dark Service Dog Patch

Go Away! (Don't Pet Me)

Handicap Symbol - Assistance Dog/Don't Distract

Handicap Symbol Patch

Handicap Symbol Patch - Bilingual

Handler Bites

Just for fun!

Hearing Aid Dog

Hearing Assistant - I'm All Ears!

Hearing Service Dog Arch

Heart/Banner Patch

I'm Injured

In Training - Bar 2


Medical Alert Animal 1

Medical Alert Dog

Medical Alert Poodle, Chihuahua or MinPin

Medical Assistance Dog On Duty

Medical Response Dog - Law

Mobility Assistance Dog with Star of Life

For BIG DOGS only!

Native Pride 1

Neurodiversity Service Dog Patch

No Children

No Treats!

Noise Reactive PTSD Service Dog

Noise Reactive/Noise Sensitive Combat Veteran Star

Open In Emergency

This is the cutest little patch!