Non Disability-Specific Service Dog Patches

These patches don't identify the type of service the dog performs.

Access Required by Law - Don't Distract

Ask Before Petting - I Am Working

Also available as "I am Blind" or "I Am Deaf" or "I Am Shy", or " I Am ..." and with "Do Not Pet" instead of "Ask Before Petting"

Assistance Dog - Don't Pet/Assistance Dog - Don't Distract

Canine Assistant - Don't Feed, Don't Pet

Canine Assistant - Text Only

Coin Patches

When the very 1st of these patches came off the embroidery machine, it reminded us of a coin or old-fashioned subway token -- so that's what we thought we'd call them!

Don't Pet - No Text


Fire Face

Glow-In-the-Dark Service Dog - Do Not Distract Patch


Glow-in-the-Dark Service Dog Patch

Go Away! (Don't Pet Me)

Handicap Symbol - Assistance Dog/Don't Distract

Handicap Symbol Patch


Medical Assistance Dog On Duty

No Children

Patriot Ribbon

Play Ball! Service Dog Patch

This "Baseball" patch is the first in a series for sports fans with Service Dogs!

Public Transportation Access Patch

Some folks have waited a LONG time for us to design this patch.  We a hoping it was worth the wait!

Service Dog - Caduceus

Service Dog - Keep with Handler

GREAT for letting the EMT's know that your dog is a service dog in the event of an emergency!

Service Dog - Stay Back

It GLOWS in the dark!

Service Dog - Text Only Oval

Designed with the "minimilist" in mind... this patch is simple identification for your service dog!

Service Dog Patches by Wolfpacks

Ask to Pet Me - I'm Friendly or Please Don't Pet Me -- I'm Working

Service Dog: Poodle or Chihuahua


By Special Request... a Poodle Service Dog patch!

Small Breed Assistance Dog

We designed this patch especially for folks with small breed Canine Assistants.

Star of Life - Assistance Dog Don't Distract Patch

Star of Life - No Text

This patch has very clean lines!

State Pride - Assistance/Service Dog Collection

Stop - Don't Pet - Thank You

There shouldn't be any guessing that your dog is working, when he or she is wearing this patch!


Great for Service Dogs and dogs that are shy or upset by strangers rushing up to pet them or otherwise getting too close for comfort!

Yes -- we can make this one into a Banner Badge!

Stop Sign - Service Dog On Duty

Suncrest - In An Emergency


We think this is one of our prettiest new patches!


Whimsical and pretty!

United States Navy - Service Dog

Designed especially for active duty and veteran United States Navy personnel with Service dogs!


US Armed Forces - Woman Veteran

We designed this patch specifically for woman veterans and their Service Dogs! (Also available without the "Service Dog" text.)

US ARMY Medallion - Service Dog Patch

Now available without the bling!

US ARMY Star Service Dog Patch

This is the 2nd patch in our new military Service Dog series...

USAF - Wingman

The sky is the limit with this patch!

USAF - Wings

USAF Service Dog Patch

USMC-Service Dog Patch


World's Best Service Dog Patch