Non Disability-Specific Service Dog Patches

These patches don't identify the type of service the dog performs.

Access Required by Law - Don't Distract

Ask Before Petting - I Am Working

Also available as "I am Blind" or "I Am Deaf" or "I Am Shy", or " I Am ..." and with "Do Not Pet" instead of "Ask Before Petting"

Assistance Dog - Don't Pet/Assistance Dog - Don't Distract

Canine Assistant - Don't Feed, Don't Pet

Canine Assistant - Text Only

Coin Patches

When the very 1st of these patches came off the embroidery machine, it reminded us of a coin or old-fashioned subway token -- so that's what we thought we'd call them!

Don't Pet - No Text


Fire Face

Glow-In-the-Dark Service Dog - Do Not Distract Patch


Glow-in-the-Dark Service Dog Patch

Go Away! (Don't Pet Me)

Handicap Symbol - Assistance Dog/Don't Distract

Handicap Symbol Patch


Medical Assistance Dog On Duty

No Children

Patriot Ribbon

Play Ball! Service Dog Patch

This "Baseball" patch is the first in a series for sports fans with Service Dogs!

Public Transportation Access Patch

Some folks have waited a LONG time for us to design this patch.  We a hoping it was worth the wait!

Service Dog - Caduceus

Service Dog - Keep with Handler

GREAT for letting the EMT's know that your dog is a service dog in the event of an emergency!

Service Dog - Stay Back

It GLOWS in the dark!

Service Dog - Text Only Oval

Designed with the "minimilist" in mind... this patch is simple identification for your service dog!

Service Dog Patches by Wolfpacks

Ask to Pet Me - I'm Friendly or Please Don't Pet Me -- I'm Working