Non-Species Specific Service Animal Patches

Ask Before Petting - I Am Working

Also available as "I am Blind" or "I Am Deaf" or "I Am Shy", or " I Am ..." and with "Do Not Pet" instead of "Ask Before Petting"

Don't Pet - No Text

Emotional Support Animal - Small Breed

Fire Face


Medical Alert Animal Rocker

This patch was designed specifically to fit around our 3.5" round patches, but many of our clients like to use them all by themselves!

Medical Alert Rocker Patch

We made these little rockers at the request of one of our clients from "down under".

No Children

Open In Emergency

This is the cutest little patch!

Rainbow Collection

All of the Pup'parel pups are EXTREMELY proud of this patch!  We think its the most beautiful creation for Assistance Animals that we've ever come up with! 

If you have trouble with the "more images" button at right, please click here to see our Rainbow Collection photo gallery. 

Service Dog/Do Not Pet with Tiny Flowers

Direct AND Pretty!

Stop - Don't Pet - Thank You

There shouldn't be any guessing that your dog is working, when he or she is wearing this patch!