Non-English & Bi-Lingual Service Dog Patches

At the request of our customers that travel and/or live internationally or live near international borders, we've created several bilingual patches and patches in languages other than English. 
If you have a suggestion for a bi-lingual or Non-English patch, and can provide an accurate translation, please contact us.  We're always looking for suggestions and ideas, and welcome your input.  While we can promise to get new patches designed quickly (our wish list is rather long) -- we will evaluate your request and if approved, will put it in the design queue.

Assistance Dog - Don't Distract-Bilingual

A New Bi-lingual "Don't Pet" Patch in Spanish/English and French/English!

Diabetic Response Dog - German/English Bilingual Patch

Handicap Symbol Patch - Bilingual

This is another patch design that was suggested by one of our clients that travels internationally!

Perro de Servicio - Chico o Chica