Tobibody "BigDog" Schultz, CEO - 1998-2007 Pup'parel


At Pup'parel, we LOVE dogs!  In fact, the executive staff of Pup'parel is comprised of 2 mixed breed dogs, one Pit Bull and one American Eskimo!  The human workers report to and cater to the desires and whims of our executive staff!

While learning agility, our executives discovered that there is a VERY limited amount of fun, reasonably priced apparel & products available geared toward their favorite sport with their people.... and since their humans were already in the business of creating custom embroidered apparel via Darnigold Forest Custom Embroidery, the idea for "Pup'parel" was born!  And, while they were at it, they thought it might be fun to offer some "non-agility" products as well -- these products, specifically patches and vests for service animals quickly became the foundation of our little business.

 First of all, we'd like to take a moment to remember recognize our previous canine management team.  As some of you know, our beloved CEO, Tobibody, passed away in 2007;  then, in the spring of 2010, Razzy, our CFO (chief food officer) crossed the rainbow bridge.  Together, these two senior executives were known as the "Brothers of Destruction" in their youth.  As they matured together, they became the ever-so-gentle leaders of Pup'parel.  Their human companions still feel their loss deeply, which is why we have commemorated Tobibody by making him our "logo dog", and "Razzy's Choice" will continue to share the kibble to help non-profit dog related groups save lives and help human and animal teams.







Lord Bozie Boofa

2006 - 2015

Boss of Everybody

 Ms. Xamidoo Del

2001 - 2014



2002 - 2013

Chief of Security

 "Granny" Snowball

1998 - 2011

Fashion Director

 Little Lord Bozie is our Chief redecorator -- he performs this task daily, and thinks he runs the entire crew - -so we gave him the title to prove it.    Xamidoo joined the Pup'parel pups in 2003 as the Director of Marketing due to her innate ability to befriend everyone!  She recently moved to Kentucky in 2009 where she enjoyed managing everything and everyone.  RosaLee was been a part of the Pup'crew since 2008, when she lived at the Pup'shop while it was being renovated.  She knew this was going to be not only her home, but the home of Kentucky based Pup'crew, so she guarded it then, and still protects it and all that live and work there.  She was a VERY gentle guardian!  Granny Snowball moved to Kentucky from her Atlanta home, just because she fancied "Granny" on the Beverly Hillbillies!  At 14 human years she doesn't move as quickly as she once did, but was always the very picture of canine fashion!

With great respect to those that came before, we'd like to introduce the following appointments to our Board of Directors:


Onyo "Husky" B. Dog

Human Resources Coordinator


 Miss Nyssa Ninni

Property Manager


 Mr. Oliver IzinTrouble


(Chief Food Officer)

 Jenii Girl

Chief Inspector

Soxy Kitty

Chief Greeter

The 2nd youngest of the Pup'crew,"Husky"  (who isn't really a husky, but looked like one as a pup, acts like a husky, and thinks he had an uncle that was mostly husky) is quick-minded and clever.  He masters complex tasks easily and directs all human activities at the shop in Somerset, KY -- especially those related to play!

 Nyssa Ninni is a bit OCD -- everything has a place, and needs to be put in it!  This includes ball, toys, stray socks.  While Nyssa and the Pup'mom don't always agree on where things should go, Nyssa is in charge of putting them somewhere!

 Ollie learned from his Uncle Razzy the importance of keeping track of the kibble, and making sure that meals are provided on time!  So, it only made sense that he be promoted to CFO!

 Jenii Girl joined the Pup'crew in the summer of 2013, when she was found eating trash on the side of the road near the pup'shop.  Initially, she was afraid of everybody -- but she has come out of her shell, and she makes sure that everything done in the shop is done right -- it's important!  Ok -- we know -- Soxy isn't exactly a "pup"!  But -- he does come when called, and will be the very first to greet you whenver you visit Pup'parel!  He decided that he would join the pup'crew in late spring of 2014, when he was just a bit more than a kitten.  He doesn't think much of the Pup'parel pups, but loves to share his affection with the Pup'mom -- and any human that comes to visit!