Razzy's Choice!

Pup’parel is committed to the support of animal rescue and other dog-related non-profit groups. As a part of this commitment, we will donate a full 10% of your purchase price (some exceptions apply) to the dog related non profit group of their choice (selected from a list at check out).

Please note:  Rasputin, AKA Razz L Dazzle, the former CFO of Pup'parel crossed the rainbow bridge in early 2010.  We suspended "Razzy's Choice" for a few years, as we struggled with what to do with his program since he was no longer with us.  Finally, we decided that we will continue to honor him by reinstating the tradition of "Razzy's Choice", his nephew, Onyo-"Husky"-Bandit-Dog will doing the choosing from this point forward.

Click here to view our Tribute to Razzy.  We miss him, tremendously!

Click here for pictures of Razzy's choice 2014!

For those of you that aren't familiar with "Razzy's Choice", sometimes our customers don't have a preferred group to receive the proceeds from their purchases, so these proceeds go into a "bucket" for un-designated funds, which we refer to as "Razzy's Choice" funds. Twice each year, Razzy (our former CFO [Chief Food Officer]) would chose which dog related non-profit group would receive the "unspecified" proceeds from our customers' purchases.  "Husky" has taken over Razzy's job, and to ensure Husky’s choice is "random" he chooses a cookie that has one organization's name on it from a bucket that contains all on our list. Razzy’s only rule was that he could not choose the same group twice in a row!  So Husky, Razzy's protege, will maintain that rule, too!  On the off chance that this should happen, he gets to pick again--(and, of course, eat a 2nd cookie after "Mom" removes the slip of paper)!  The group's name that is on the piece of paper from the cookie that is chosen receives ALL of the un-designated proceeds for that year.


If you know of a group that might benefit from being part of Razzy's Choice, please ask them to complete this application, and send it to us -- we'll be happy to add them to our list of Pup'pals!  Questions?  Please don't hesitate to contact us!