Patch - Epi-Pen Response Dog

Disability Specific Patches

While not required, some folks prefer to identify the type of service their service animal provides.  These patches help make that happen!

Autism Service Dog

This bright yellow patch brings a little sunshine wherever it goes!

Autism Service Dog Puzzle Piece

A client asked us to make this patch as a simple square patch (and we did) -- but we decided to offer it as a square puzzle piece instead of just an ordinary square.

Balance Assistance Dog

Yes -- we can make this one into a Banner Badge!

Emotional Support Animal - Small Breed

This patch was designed at the request of one of our clients...

Diabetic Response Dog Patch

Epi-Pen Response Dog

For folks that use epi-pens...

Hearing Aid Dog

Hearing Assistant - I'm All Ears!

Designed especially for hearing dogs (also called "Signal Dogs"), this patch is a unique combination of fun, regal and practical!


Hearing Service Dog Arch

This patch clearly identifies your dog's job, and provides guidance to others!

Heart/Banner Patch

Yet another unique patch from Pup'parel - The large version is sweet & blingy with a polite "Don't Pet" message! ; the small one is just as sweet, but without the bling!

Mobility Assistance Dog with Star of Life

For BIG DOGS only!

Neurodiversity Service Dog Patch

Based on the Neurodiversity Ribbon ...

Noise Reactive PTSD Service Dog

Noise Reactive/Noise Sensitive Combat Veteran Star

Psychiatric Service Dog - Breed Specific

A discreet new patch for Psychiatric Service Dogs!

Rainbow Dog on Metallic Gold Patch

Now available in Metallic Silver, and in both silver and gold as an "in the pink" rainbow dog!


Rainbow Collection

All of the Pup'parel pups are EXTREMELY proud of this patch!  We think its the most beautiful creation for Assistance Dogs that we've ever come up with! 

Respiratory Alert Dog

This pretty patch was designed for folks that have service dogs to alert them to respiratory attacks. 

Seizure Alert Dog Patch

Seizure Alert Dog/Assistance Dog Patch

Seizure Alert Dog In Training Patch

Therapeutic Service Dog Wave